Open Society Scholarship Programs 2012 DOCTORAL FELLOWS PROGRAM


Open Society Scholarship Programs 2012 DOCTORAL FELLOWS PROGRAM

The Open Society Scholarship Programs is pleased to announce the 2012 competition for the Doctoral Fellows Program. The Program is designed to provide the highest research and teaching qualification to individuals positioned to play an active role in the revitalization and reform of social sciences and humanities scholarship in their home countries. The awards will support flexible doctoral programs that enable Fellows to study and conduct research both abroad and at home, thereby maintaining professional engagement with their home institutions while completing the degree. Up to 10 awards will be offered to individuals in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia for study in North America. Fellowships are offered in: social work, public health, education, and psychology.


Although the flexibility of the program encourages an individualized approach, a typical trajectory would be:

Years 1 and 2: Full-time study at the host university to complete required doctoral coursework. By end of first year, Fellow and advisor agree to detailed work plan, with timeline listing tasks to be completed at host university and in home country.

Year 3: Fellow returns home to collect data and begin analysis, resumes academic post (or secures new position) at home institution and receives modest stipend and other allowances from program to encouragefocusonresearchandwriting,contingentuponprogresstowarddegree. Fellowmaintains regular contact with doctoral advisor.

Years 4-5: Fellow continues at home to follow work plan elaborated with advisor in Year 1. Fellow able to return to host department for intensive consultation with advisor and committee under following parameters: program will cover cost of two return trips, with stipend support not exceeding six months for both visits combined.

FELLOWSHIP TERMS The Fellowship provides:

 Full-time, in-residence support (tuition and stipend) for the initial two academic years for completing PhD coursework;

 Subsequent partial support for up to three years in home country while completing field work/data collection and dissertation;

 Up to 6 months’ stipend support after coursework for return visits to host university;  Annual allowances for academic materials & professional development for

duration of program;  Air travel to and from host university (up to 3 trips);  Accident and sickness insurance while at host university;  Pre-academic training in academic writing & research methods;  Participation in annual fellows’ conference while at host university.

The Fellowship does NOT provide funding or support for dependent family members.


The Program does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. The competition is merit-based and open to those meeting the following criteria:

 CitizensofandresidentinGeorgiaorKyrgyzstan;  Excellent academic record and an advanced degree (minimum: Master’s) at time of

application deadline;  Excellent spoken and written English;  ExperienceasuniversityfacultymemberwithteachingresponsibilitieswithinGeorgiaor

Kyrgyzstan (strong priority given to those currently teaching);  Proven professional scholarly aptitude and leadership potential in academia;  Ability to attend the Program’s pre-academic summer school beginning in July;  Commitment to continuing academic career in home country and sincere motivation to

aid ongoing reform processes in higher education.


Given the unique structure of the awards, with limited time for coursework and independent supervision upon returning home, applicants must demonstrate:

 sufficient academic background to complete required PhD coursework within two years;  research interests directly applicable to the home country/region and a dissertation topic

that clearly relies on data collection or field work there;  a strong ability to continue studies independently while maintaining substantive long-

distance communication with the doctoral advisor after successful coursework

completion;  ability to maintain ties to home university while abroad and the expectation/desire to

reintegrate into academia upon return home.


Competition for the Doctoral Fellows Program is open, merit-based, and relies heavily on host university admissions criteria. Final placement in a North American doctoral program is not guaranteed, and depends on matching finalists to appropriate departments and universities that will accept their credentials for admission and endorse the flexible design of the program.

Semi-FinalistSelection:Acommittee(includingOSFstaffandhostuniversityofficials)reviews eligible applications and recommends which applicants to approve for the next stage of review. Semi-finalists may be required to take the official TOEFL and GRE, depending on their background and on requirements of host universities.

Interviews&FinalistSelection:Semi-finalistsareinterviewedintheirhomecountriesbya committee with qualifications as described above. This committee chooses finalists based on previous assessments of the written application, the candidates’ performance during the interview, and standardized test results, where applicable. Finalists continue on to the departmental placement stage.

Finalist Placement: Finalist placement is a collaborative process involving SP and host university faculty and staff. Finalists are normally not permitted to select their own placements. OSF formally notifies finalists of awards only after placements have been secured.


Application and Recommendation Forms, including the Application Guidelines, are available for download from the following webpages:, and also in hard copy from the addresses listed below.

For questions about the structure of the Program, please contact Ms. Zoë Brogden, Program Coordinator, at the following address, or the local contacts noted below:

Ms. Zoë Brogden

Open Society Scholarship Program 1700 Broadway, 17th Floor New York, NY, USA Email:

Tel: +1 212 548 0390


Please submit all completed application forms and all necessary accompanying documents, along with a copy of your passport to the OSF Representative below by the deadline of January 23, 2012.



Nino Chinchaladze

Center for International Education 10 Chovelidze Street 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia Tel.: (995 32) 250 592



Rakia Rustemova

Scholarship Programs Soros Foundation ‐ Kyrgyzstan 55a Logvinenko St., Bishkek 720040 Kyrgyzstan tel.: (+996 312) 663475, ext. 112 e‐mail:


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