Course: English Composition 101

Course Description: English Composition 101

A university-level course on English writing. The course will focus on essays and papers suitable for university courses and entrance exams, international standardized tests, and professional work. Students will improve writing skills across a variety of academic and professional writing genres, build a portfolio of written work showcasing personal achievement, and experience learning in an English-only environment.

Each class will last for two to three hours and include an instructional section on tools for writing and on English language skills, followed by a discussion and writing workshop where students can become more familiar with the various written forms in English. Students will be expected to complete weekly reading and writing assignments. Lessons will take place once a week in Vake district.

Tuition for the course will be 60 lari per month. Students will need internet access and an email account to recieve assigned readings electronically. The course will be conducted entirely in English by a native English speaker.”

Contact info: Neal Zupancic, Email:

About me: I have been teaching English in Georgia to children and adults since September 2010. I am also a professional writer, currently working for the TLG official blog, but my past credits have included stage plays for New York theatre and essays for various blogs and websites. I hold an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the City University of New York.

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